Cartridge Bore Sighter

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Cartridge Bore Sighter ensures an accurate aim and great ideal for hunting!

The Cartridge Bore Sighter allows you to quickly bring the sighting group to a small target. It is placed in the chamber and through the barrel, the bore shines on the vertical surface of the target. Since the laser beam is perfectly flat and does not take into account the ballistics of the ammunition, it is impossible to completely complete the "cold" zeroing method. It will take a couple more shots to bring the group to the center of the target.



  • DESIGN: The design does not have an ON/OFF Switch. Insert the batteries and screw the cap to turn on, remove the batteries to turn off. DO NOT attempt to insert this Bore sighter into a different size.
  • EASY TO PACK AND TRAVEL: Easily fits in the chamber for instant training sessions. Fits CAL 12G Rifle and 635-655nm, Max output 5mw, Class IIIa Laser Avoid Direct Eye Exposure to Beam.
  • FASTEST ZEROING AND SIGHTING SYSTEM: Reduce wasted cartridges. Save time and ammunition. LED type red laser: 635-655mm in wavelength; Power: less than 5 W
  • HIGH QUALITY: Casing is 100% high-quality brass with precision preset laser for accurate sighting again and again.
  • CONVENIENT AND ACCURATE: The Hunting Red Dot Laser Sighter Cartridge provides the most convenient and accurate method for sighting in Rifles. It's very for Professional hooters, hunting lovers, gun trainer.



  • Item Type: Bore Sighter
  • Output Power: 1-5mW
  • Model Number: CAL 12G LV
  • Minimum Range for Sighting: 15 yds
  • Maximum Range for Sighting: 100 yds
  • Wavelength: 655nm, 635nm
  • Operation: On/Off End Cap
  • Battery Life: ~ 20 min
  • Laser Type: Visible Red Laser
  • Power: 5mW
  • Battery: Not Including batteries

Hunting Red Dot Laser Hunting Red Dot Laser



  • 1x Cartridge Bore Sighter


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