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Turbo BikeLock

Turbo BikeLock

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Millions of bikes are stolen every year!

Statistic show that the main reason is bikes without a proper lock.

The compact yet tough Turbo Bikelock secures your bicycles, electric scooters, skateboard and anything you could think of. This folding lock is made up of solid-steel links connected by steel rivets and simply unfold into a circle when securing your bike. It comes with a small & cool case that that attaches to your bike's frame so that you are always ready to lock your precious bike on the go.

Why go with the Turbo Bikelock!?

Engineered to be durable: 

It can't be cut, drilled or broken - We put this compact bike lock through the wringer. To put it to the test, we tried sawing, drilling, chiseling, hammering and freezing the lock off and it could NOT be done. Even heavy duty bolt cutters stood no chance! 

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If you have tried using other locks before than you can quickly realize that it's difficult at times do to the lack of flexibility. But with our Turbo BikeLock you can easily use it to lock your bike close to any tree or Lamp post.

Easy to carry: 

It folds to a compact shape and stored inside an accompanied carrying case mounted on your bicycle. There's no need for a bike saddle. Also, a rattle elimination mechanism prevents the lock from shaking while riding, ensuring a silent ride

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Quick Installation:

Super easy to use system that comes with its own proprietary key designed just for our locks. Simply insert the key and turn counterclockwise to unlock and pull out to the desired length. Then just simply latch your bike and front tire and lock it again.

What comes with your lock?

The package includes: 1xTurbo Bikelock™ Folding Bike Lock, 1 set of 3 keys, carrying case, straps for carrying case, a set of 2 screws and an instruction manual.

Product specifications:
1) Stretches to 78cm long
2) 574 grams
3) Folded size: 7.5cm*6.6cm*5.5cm
4) Material: Steel + ABS plastic
5) Key in copper material


Question: Since it doesn't have a keyhole cover to protect cylinder from dirt/rain, is it durable?
Answer: We haven't had any problems, and we(not occasional riders) have been using it ourselves in long rides during rain and muddy times. We haven't heard of any customers who had problems as well.

Question: Can the mounting case be attached to the bike’s water bottle mounting studs?
Answer: Yes, it's easy, even the screws/bolts are included.

Question: Will this scratch the bicycle’s paint?
Answer: Well, that's only if you want it to. The steel lock is coated with a mix of rubber and plastic so it won’t scratch your paint. It worked fine for us.

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